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BBCSurprise - Dylan No Pussy Like 1st Time BBC Pussy

I guess one could say that we've been on a roll lately. Well I did just say that, but would all of you say it? Because today we have fan favorite Dylan Day is back for what she thinks is another ExCoGi scene with “Director” Rocky and this girl is fiiiiiiiiine. So let's rewind things a bit and talk about her highly rated ONE and ONLY analing debut on the casting couch shall we? Let me repeat that. Her ONE and ONLY anal on camera. That's anywhere everybody, and then she took a pounding on the ExCoGi bed from Tyler Nixon, who WORE –THAT – PUSSY – OUT! Yeah baby! But now she's back to take some dark meat up that pink slit of hers and she's in for one BIG BBC Surprise from black stallion Isiah Maxwell, and do you think she's ever taken a cock this big before? Nope, and after Rocky gets her all primed, wet & ready on the living room couch with a little help from some glass dildos and the Magic Wand he leads her to the bedroom and blindfolds our lovely before the big reveal to solidify that she's here to fuck his white dick. To say Dylan is nervous is an understatement and there isn't a man alive that doesn't wish they weren't Isiah right now. Me included, and as soon as she's on her knees, blindfolded and everything, Isiah's black cock reaches out like a baby's arm and touches Dylan's face invoking her to jump slightly before putting those beautiful DSL's around the largest cock she's ever seen or touched. Well not seen yet, because she's still blindfolded, but right after she's brought into the light the surprised coy smile that is so Dylan radiated with amazement and anticipation. “Nice to meet you,” Isiah said with his massive dark baby's arm man meat front and center. “Nice to meet you as well,” Dylan says with her innocent Southern drawl, and like a cute and shy puppy kneeling before it's master in anticipation of a treat. Dylan proceeded to swallow Isiah's cock down her throat and it fit surprisingly easy down that inexperienced throat like Cinderella's glass slipper. And who would have known that Dylan's a deep throat queen? Well, it's quite amazing to watch and it's just the prelude to stuffing that pretty pink pussy full of stiff black cock and Dylan had 2 of the 9 orgasms of the day right then and there in the bathroom. So hot. So hot how she whispered she was cumming as Isiah thrusts so deliberately and forcefully in and out of her before carrying her to the bedroom for the remaining 7 ‘O's' and the fucking of her life. I predict Dylan's going to include black cock more frequently into her rotation and even though Dylan doesn't fuck a lot of guys I don't think she'll ever fuck small cock again. Because as the saying goes. ‘Once you go BBC? You'll never go averaged Joe white cock sized again,' or something like that. So enjoy Dylan's first ever black cock because she most certainly did.



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