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PornWorld - Mary Alfie Hung Stud Fakes It Rich To Ass Fuck Slutty Gold Digger Mary Alfie GP2460

Bitchy brunette Mary Alfie isn't interested in Vince Karter until his best friend appears in a sports car and Vince climbs into the driving seat. Suddenly, this absolute slut walks over to the window and bends over, showing off her ass in barely there denim hotpants! Vince gets her to jump in and takes her back to his place where Mary strips naked and gets oiled up by her new found beau. She strokes his slippery cock with her hands before Mary gets every hole drilled by Vince's massive dick outside by the pool. She takes his spunk, hoping for a return visit but what this little gold digger doesn't realise is that Vince has been playing her all along!

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