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RealityKings - Maggie Green, Nola Exico Appetite For Big Tits And Scissoring RKPrime

Maggie Green and Nola Exico are fucking around behind their clueless husbands' backs, but that doesn't stop Maggie from trying to flirt and hoard attention when the men can't get enough of her cooking at an intimate dinner party. This sends Nola on a mission to show Maggie what she's missing by ignoring her big tits and juicy ass; but first, she must deal with her husband. Nola solves this problem by stuffing him in a closet and ordering him to stay put, after which she makes up some sob story about how he left her. With Maggie showing sympathy, Nola is able to get all the attention she craves, leading to big tits worship, pussy-eating, and wild scissoring. The appetizers may have been appealing, but nothing compares to the satisfaction of a wild fuck.   Playtube



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